Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What are the characteristics & approach to the Baby Boomer generation - Selling Across Generations

The baby boomer generation are cultural revolutionaries. The are forever young, enthusiastic and engaged. The boomers were born between1946-1965. They're known as the "we to me" generation. Growing up as a boomer you're seen, but not heard. You were never dubbed as special. This generation is the most "influential" as it leads in politics, finance and corporate America.

The former generation was known for their work ethic. The baby boomer generation is know as workaholics. The compensate their families with "killer vacations." They're friends with their children, as adults. Retirement is more of an encore career or a dedicated lifestyle of volunteer work.

Boomers want their time to be respected. They invented technology and they're just now using it. Boomer women are very engaged on money issues. Boomers are team oriented, i.e. "all for one and one for all." So boomers desires a team of experts and advisers as part of their overall team mentality.

Syndicated financial columnist and talk show host Steve Savant interviews registered investment advisers and certified financial planners Rob O'Dell and Heather Coulter. For almost 20 years their firm has been managing money and using their unique mind mapping software that analyzes, stores and retrieves client data and photos. This is episode 3 of 5 in the series, Selling Across Generations.

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