Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How estate planning mistakes can destroy equity built over time - Estate Planning Update

This episode underscores the loss of estate equity by not creating or underutilizing an documented estate plan. The vast majority of clients and prospects want a simple plan that transfers their wealth to their targeted beneficiaries, leverages their assets and pays the least amount in taxes upon death. Mike cites the most common mistakes that destroy estate equity and offers easy to grasp solutions. Remember the number one mistake is doing nothing.

Syndicated financial columnist and talk show host Steve Savant interviews author, speaker and frequent media guest Mike Kilbourn, CLU, ChFC, CCIM, AEP, MSFS. This is episode 2 of 5 in the series, Estate Planning Update for 2015. book Disinherit the IRS is a staple in estate planning circles and is in it's second edition. Mike is also the founder and chairman of the Wealth Protection Network®, a national network of estate planning professionals that work in concert to create and manage comprehensive estate plans. http://youtu.be/OwE4_AfV_9w

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